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General Fees

General fees are determined by the Illinois State University Board of Trustees annually.  All students are assessed the mandatory general fees on a per-credit hour basis whether or not they opt to take advantage of the services.  This is the case for students who are on campus, off campus, or taking an online course.  It is a portion of the cost of attendance at Illinois State University to cover administrative costs of having such services available to all students.  See individual tuition rate tables for fee rates per semester hour. 

General fees include the following:

General Activity

This fee supports programs and services that promote student involvement outside the classroom. The programs and services funded include the Student Government Association, the Graduate Student Association, registered student organization programs, Student Legal Services, The Daily Vidette (student newspaper), the Child Care Center for students, Redbird Ride and NiteRide (bus service), student entertainment activities (concerts, speeches, films, etc.), and other recreational programs.

Health Services

This fee provides basic health services (examinations, treatments, urgent care & minor surgical procedures) and counseling services (comprehensive mental health services, life planning & alcohol/drug intervention). Additional charges may apply based upon the specific service provided. This fee also supports student health promotions and educational accommodations outside the classroom for students with disabilities. Contact Student Health Services for more information.

Athletic and Service

This fee is used to partially support the operational expenses of intercollegiate athletics and cheerleaders.

Redbird Arena

This fee covers the principal and interest for the facility’s original construction, and supports the program/operational expenses.

Bone Student Center

This fee covers the principal and interest related to the facility’s original construction, and supports the program/operational expenses.

Campus Enhancement

This fee helps rejuvenate our campus environment and student programming by the addition of new/updated facilities and modern services. This fee covers the principal and interest for the original construction of facilities, and supports the program/operational expenses of the Center for Performing Arts and parking structures, as well as the expenses for improving the infrastructure of residence halls.

Recreation Facilities

This fee covers the principal and interest of the construction of the University Golf Course, McCormick Pool, Hancock Stadium, and Horton Athletic Complex partially. This fee also supports the operational expenses of the Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall as well as the remodeling of other recreational and athletic facilities.

Instructional Support

This fee provides partial support for the costs associated with various methods of instructional delivery.


This fee provides talent-related tuition credits to support non-athletic programs.

Student-to-Student Grant

This fee is used to provide additional financial aid scholarships to Illinois State University students and it is matched by the Illinois State Scholarship Commission. This fee is mandatory but refundable, and it is not charged during Summer.


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