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529 Plans

College Illinois!

College Illinois!is a state-sponsored prepaid tuition program that helps families fund future college costs with tax benefits granted by Section 529 of the IRS Code. If you are using College Illinois! benefits to assist your expenses (tuition and mandatory fees) at Illinois State University, the billings and payments are processed by the Student Accounts Office. College Illinois! covers tuition and mandatory fees only.

You will need to complete and submit the College Illinois Authorization form online every semester you utilize this program.

If you have other tuition-specific awards (i.e. ISAC/MAP, dependent tuition waiver, department tuition waiver, etc.), we will bill College Illinois! only for the balance of your tuition and mandatory fees. The account holder of the College Illinois! program has the option to request a scholarship refund or leave the hours on the plan.

529 College Savings Plans

If you have a 529 College Savings Plan, such as Bright Start, Bright Directions, College Advantage, etc., you will need to work directly with your plan to do a withdrawal to have the funds sent to the University. Most plans have a website with a withdrawal form to be completed to pull the funds out and be mailed to the University.
When completing the form, be sure to include the student’s name and university ID number. You can request the payment be sent directly to the school at one of the following mailing addresses (based on mail delivery type used):

Mailing Address based on Mail Type
U.S. Postal Service Fed Ex, DHL, UPS, etc.
Student Accounts
Illinois State University

Campus Box 1210
Normal, IL 61790-1210

Illinois State University
Student Accounts
605 W. Dry Grove St.
Normal, IL 61761

If you need further mailing details, you can check out our Contact Uspage under Mailing Address.

You may want to contact your 529 College Savings Plan to verify what it does and does not cover prior to school starting. Each plan may be slightly different.

If you need a Cost of Attendance estimate to help with your plan, you can find the information on theCost of Attendance Tables. Upcoming school year tables are usually updated by July or before.