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Athletic Billing Notice

On the first statement of each semester, athletic tuition & fee scholarships are initially entered for 14 credit hours for Undergraduate Students and 9 credit hours for Graduate Students. Adjustments to award amounts will begin after the last day to drop hours without being charged (see Withdrawal Dates on our website).

The athlete's scholarship may cover materials charges. This scholarship will only cover materials charges up to the amount of the award. If there are not any materials charges on the student account, the scholarship will not apply and will later be removed from estimated financial aid.

Be sure to sign up for direct deposit to receive any disbursements electronically. For instructions, visit our How to Sign up for Direct Deposit guide.

Room & Board Scholarship when Living Off-Campus

The room and board scholarship will only cover housing charges and meal plans, even if there are other charges remaining on the account. If the student has a meal plan, the scholarship will cover the meal plan and the remainder of the award will be disbursed to the student.

  • If the meal plan is not fully covered by the first room and board disbursement, the second disbursement may apply before the remainder is sent to the student. For example, if the student’s fall semester disbursements are $1000 and the meal plan cost is $1474, the student will not receive an August disbursement and the September disbursement will be $526 ($1000 minus remaining $474 meal plan charge) if there are no other room and board costs on the account.
  • If there are unpaid housing or meal plan charges from a prior semester, such as a housing proration, the room and board award will apply to those charges prior to disbursing the remainder to the student.

Room and board disbursements are sent as four separate disbursements for Fall (Aug.-Nov.) and Spring (Jan.-Mar.) and three disbursements for Summer (May-July). These disbursements are specific to the award amounts and enrollment status.