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International Students

Payment Options

Illinois State University charges tuition and fees on a per-credit-hour basis. Because of this, bills are inclusive of a single semester, not the academic year. Each semester, students have the option of paying in full or signing up for a payment plan.

Please visit the Tuition & Fees Quick Cost Estimator to get current Academic Year rates per credit hour.

Payment in Full

If you choose to pay-in-full for the semester, you must pay the total balance by September 15th for the Fall semester and by February 15th for the Spring semester.

Payment Plan

Choose and set up the payment plan option that works for you! *

Any new current semester changes to your charges will affect your future payment plan amounts. The system will automatically recalculate your future installments to reflect the changes and will send the student and any Authorized Users (that have been granted permission) an email with the updated installment amounts.

Fall 2024

Fall 2022 due dates

5 Month
Payment Plan

4 Month
Payment Plan

3 Month
Payment Plan
Plan Fee $ 35 $ 35 $ 35
Down Payment 20% at enrollment None None
Payment Months


(5 installments)


(4 installments)


(3 installments)

Percent per

20% (down
payment is the
first installment)

25% 33%
Enrollment By August 28th September 15th September 15th

Spring 2025

Fall 2022 due dates

5 Month
Payment Plan

4 Month
Payment Plan

3 Month
Payment Plan
Plan Fee $ 35 $ 35 $ 35
Down Payment 20% at enrollment None None
Payment Months


(5 installments)


(4 installments)


(3 installments)

Percent per

20% (down
payment is the
first installment)

25% 33%
Enrollment By January 28th February 15th February 15th

* If you do not Pay-in-Full or enroll in a payment plan by September 15th for the Fall semester and by February 15th for the Spring semester, you will be enrolled in a 4-month administrative Payment Plan and will be charged a $ 50.00 convenience fee for that semester .

** Study Abroad charges are not eligible for the payment plan and are due in full by the date stated on the bill.

*** Prior semesters past due amounts are not included in a current semester payment plan.


Payment Methods: International Students

International students can pay their student bill with any of the following payment methods:


  • Payments can be made in the Students Financial Portal. Just select TransferMate from the Payment Method dropdown.

Benefits of paying with TransferMate:

  • Faster payment posting to your student account
  • Peace of mind that your payment will be received in full and on time
  • Rates are held for 48 hours so you have complete visibility of the amount you will pay
  • No need to worry about exchange rate fluctuations
  • Local currency payment methods
  • Great exchange rates
  • Ability to track your transaction throughout the payment process
  • 24-7 customer support
  • Authorized User access to make payments

The process of paying by with TransferMate is easy

  1. Log in to your student account and proceed to make a payment.
  2. Select TransferMate INTL from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose the country you’re paying from and select "review rate"
  4. Review your rate.
  5. Enter your details
  6. Confirm your details
  7. Submit Payment
  8. Track your payment throughout the process

Find additional details in a video walkthrough on how to make a payment.

***Students must grant parents or other payers access by setting them up as an Authorized User following the steps below. Authorized Users may view student account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans.

  • Log into your My Illinois State Account
  • Click the Authorized Users link in the My Account menu.
  • Click Add Authorized User near the bottom of the window.
    • Enter the email address of your authorized user.
    • An automated email including a link, username, and temporary password will be sent. Your authorized user will use this information to log in and set up his/her profile.
    • After set up, all authorized users making tuition payments on your behalf will access the system directly through the dedicated Authorized User access. Authorized User Login

**Please be aware that parents or Authorized Users will not have access to invoices or payment options until they are added to your account. Authorized users will not be able to view any other student information from this access.


  • Electronic wire transfers can be completed at .

    • The bank account used for the transfer must be in your home country's currency.
    • There is a $50 minimum amount to utilize flywire.
    • Payments generally post within 2 business days.

    With Flywire you can:

    • Track your payments from start to finish
    • Make payments in more than 140 currencies, online and from banks worldwide
    • Other available payment methods include international credit and debit cards, and other international payment options that vary by country
    • Save on bank fees and exchange rates
    • Enjoy peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support
    • Ensure accurate and timely posting of your payment to your student account
    • To learn more about Flywire, go to

Check or Money Order

If you have a U.S. bank account, you can:

  • Pay via Electronic check online through your portal.
  • Make a payment via check/money order in person at the Cashiers Office located within the Student Accounts Building.
  • Mail a check/money order made out to “Illinois State University” to:

Illinois State University
Cashiers Office
Campus Box 1210
Normal, IL 61790-1210
Please include your EMPLID located on your bill.

  • Drop the check/money order in the drop box located outside the Student Accounts Building. Your payment will be processed the next business day. Please include your EMPLID located on your bill.

Credit Card

  • Pay online through your portal
    • Most credit cards are accepted through PayPath. There is a convenience fee* that will be charged by the processor for credit card payments. *Domestic (USA credit cards) and International (credit cards) will have different convenience fees starting February 20, 2024.
    • A variety of cards are accepted including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club International, UCB, Union Pay, BC Card, and Dina Card (these may change, see an up-to-date list in your student portal when making a payment).
    • System alerts may come through pop-ups, so it is recommended you allow pop-ups for the site when utilizing it to make a payment.
    • If you need assistance with making an online credit card payment, you can visit the Student Accounts or Cashiers Office where a staff member can assist you at one of the available computer stations.
    • Payments made by credit card should be reflected immediately on your student account.



Refunds are issued on a student account when there is an overpayment. Refunds are processed weekly.

If you have a U.S. bank account:

  • We strongly encourage you to sign up for eRefunds through your student account.
  • A refund check will be issued if you did not sign up for eRefunds. You can cash or deposit the refund check(s) at your local bank.

If you do not have U.S. bank account:

  • A refund check can be cashed at any Commerce Bank branch with a picture ID (A fee may be charged by the bank). You can also check with the Cashiers Office on cashing options.


Please feel free to contact the Student Accounts Office or International Student and Scholar Services if you have further questions.


Academic English and Pathway Programs

The Office of International Engagement offers the Academic English, Undergraduate Pathway, and Graduate Pathway programs for international students to improve their English language comprehension while preparing them to be successful, degree-seeking students at the University.

For all tuition and fee information please visit our Tuition & Fees Quick Cost Estimator page. Students in the Pathway Programs will be charged tuition and fees at the rate of corresponding degree-level tuition and fees. Students in the Academic English program will be charged a flat rate for their tuition and fees, please select Residence as International and Program as Academic English on the calculator. Reach out to the Student Accounts Office with any questions. 

  • Any questions relating to Student Health Service charges must be dealt with in person at Student Health Services, located in the Student Services Building, Room 203.
    • Due to privacy regulations (HIPAA) and Illinois law, we are unable to see any detailed charges relating to your account.

Exchange Students

If you are an exchange student studying at Illinois State University based upon an exchange agreement between ISU and your home institution, you will have some unique billing-related issues.

Beginning Your Program

  • Your tuition waiver will not be reflected on your initial student bill.
  • Tuition will not be removed from your bill until after the 3rd week of classes, but you will not be charged any late fees associated with this delay.
  • You can view your itemized bill in your portal. Prior to the tuition being removed from your account, you can either submit a payment for the other items listed on your bill that are not included in tuition or wait until the waiver has been posted to your account in order to have the most accurate reflection of your billing charges for the semester.
  • Any payments made prior to the tuition waiver posting will automatically be applied to tuition first, but you will still receive the full amount of your tuition waiver.
  • Once the tuition waiver is posted to your account, you should submit payment for the remaining balance. If you submitted a payment prior, it will be applied to the remaining balance. If you have overpaid, you will receive a refund check.

Ending Your Program

  • You will continue to have access to your portal for several months following the end of your program to view your bill.
  • In certain cases, charges may be applied after the semester has ended.
  • If you have trouble accessing your portal account, try resetting your password or contact