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Payment Options

Illinois State University charges tuition and fees on a per-credit-hour basis. Because of this, bills are inclusive of a single semester, not the academic year. Each semester, students have the option of paying in full or signing up for a payment plan.

Athletes: Please refer to the Athletic Billing Notice for information regarding your financial aid and student account.

Payment in Full

If you choose to pay in full for the semester, you must pay the total balance by the first installment due date.

Payment Plan

All students with a current semester balance are automatically enrolled in a payment plan at the beginning of the semester. The payment plan consists of five installments for Fall (Aug-Dec) and Spring (Jan-May) and two installments for Summer (June-July).

You will be charged a payment plan convenience fee if there is a current semester balance by the third installment due date for Fall/Spring or after the first installment for Summer semester. This fee is charged once per semester and is only assessed to accounts that are not paid in full as noted above. The payment plan convenience fee is $35 for Fall/Spring semesters and $30 for Summer semester.

Any new current semester changes to your charges will affect your future payment plan amounts. The system will automatically recalculate your future installments to reflect the changes and will send the student and any Authorized Users an email with the updated installment amounts.

*Study Abroad charges are not eligible for the payment plan and are due in full by the date stated on the bill.

Payment Methods

Payments can be made online, through the mail, or in our office. Online payments must be paid by a student or an Authorized User.

Online Payments

Online payments are made within the online student billing portal. Students can login through Authorized Users can login through the Authorized User Login available on our Homepage.

  • Electronic Check – This method will process an electronic debit based on the account information entered. This is available for both checking and savings accounts.
  • Credit Card – Most credit cards are accepted through PayPath. There is a convenience fee that will be charged by the processor for credit card payments.

Other Available Methods

  • By Mail – You can mail a check or a money order to the Student Accounts Office. This may take a few business days to be received and processed.
  • In Person – You can go to the Student Accounts Building to make a payment. We accept cash, checks, and money orders.
  • Drop Box – A drop box is located outside of the Student Accounts Building. You can place your payment in the drop box and it will be processed the next business day.

International Students

International payments can be processed by:

  • TransferMate - Payments can be made in the Students Financial Portal. Just select TransferMate from the Payment Method dropdown.
  • Flywire -

For more information on these payment methods or other payment methods, please click International Students Payment Methods.

Return Check / E-check Policy

Failed Payments Note: You will be charged a penalty of $25 for each check or e-check returned to Illinois State University. Your check-cashing privileges may be suspended when more than one check/e-check is returned to Illinois State University. In most cases, the individual who endorses the two-party check is the one liable for any penalties if the check is returned.

If your payment failed and your check(s) and/or e-check(s) that was originally issued to clear a delinquency and thus allow you to register for classes is returned, you must pay in full the returned check/e-check fee(s) to avoid those classes being cancelled. Please contact the Student Accounts Office for more information.